Allah Nawaz

About Me

Hello, I'm Allah Nawaz
Professional Freelance Data Entry Expert

Proficient Data Entry Specialist with Years of Experience. With years of experience managing and organizing large volumes of data with precision and efficiency, I am a data entry expert. My proficiency in data entry software and tools, such as Microsoft Excel, Access, and Google Sheets, is unmatched. Additionally, I am skilled in data verification and cleaning to guarantee that the information entered is accurate. My strong attention to detail and unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality work make me an indispensable asset to any data entry project.


I offer services
according to my expertise.

Ms. Excel Projects

Unleash the power of Excel with my advanced expertise and streamline your data management.

Ms. Word Projects

My expertise in words is unmatched and I guarantee to bring your message to life with precision, clarity and impact.”

PDF Conversions

Trust me to turn your PDFs into professional and visually appealing documents that get noticed. Let’s work together to enhance your digital presence today!”

Data Entry/Editing

I am an expert in data entry and have years of experience in managing and organizing large amounts of data efficiently and accurately.

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